Take the regular need that some families have in trying to keep the kids fed, and add in the uncertainty that has come with COVID-19. Kids out of school early, lost jobs, and missing paychecks have all provided additional hardships for those already struggling. With the extra strains on family funds, the Missoula Food Bank continues to have their "Kids Eat Free" bus providing meals throughout the community.

With summer on the way, the number of daily stops for the food bus will increase. More stops means more meals to distribute, more meals means a greater need for food. If you're able to donate - visit the Missoula Food Bank HERE.

Missoula Food Bank Director of Development and Advocacy Jessica Allred shared her thoughts in a KPAX story about filling the need this summer. "More families are struggling economically. And these kinds of resources are so important right now. You know, we look at a map of Missoula and we take a look at where kids are maybe able to walk, and for neighborhoods or communities that it's not within walking distance or a safe walkable route to an open meal site, that's where we put the bus."

It looks like it'll be a busy summer for the Missoula Food Bank. Here's some details with where you can find the "food bus" this summer.

Kids Eat Free Mobile Meal Bus
All meals are prepacked, grab-and-go style. Stay updated by following Missoula Food Bank on Facebook!

M-F Breakfast & Lunch
• Sission Univ. Apts: 10:45-11:15am
• Northside Park: 11:30am-12pm
• Travois Village: 12:15-12:45pm
• Futura: 1-1:30pm

For more info, call 406.549.0543 or text SUMMER MEALS to 97779.


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