Big day this week for Montanans holding a "green" card. Tuesday, June 2nd marked the first day of "untethering," which means cardholders are now able to purchase medical marijuana products from any licensed provider, not just the provider that issued their medical marijuana card. That's a big deal.

Our local dispensaries prepared for the day by stocking up for "4/20 level business" but that wasn't enough. One provider told me that her store had three times the amount of business that they typical do on April 20th. THREE TIMES, that's a lot. Bottom line is, if you're holding a green card, you are now free to shop anywhere in the state and you're tax exempt when you present your Montana issued card in Las Vegas. Good info for, you know, when we are traveling for concerts again, sometime in the far away future.

I had Emmie from Greenhouse Farmacy and Bridgett from Starrbud's on the air this morning on Alt 101-5 as I had a few things I wanted them to explain to our listeners. Two things to know - if you let your green card expire because you were holding out for untethering to kick in, you can get a temporary card now at Starrbuds on West Broadway.

I also asked them to explain the folks who are all over Missoula with their tables, clipboards and marijuana signs. These are the people inviting you to sign to get the legalization of recreational marijuana in Montana on this November's ballot. So if you see them, now you know what's up. And if you have any question at all about CBD for pain or getting a green card, I have found both Emmie and Bridgett to be incredibly helpful.

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