We've heard from one of our listeners that her dog was brutally attacked and passed away from his injuries, and she is looking for more information from anyone who may have witnessed the attack, or know anything regarding the heart breaking situation.

Laura’s dog Mogli was attacked on Wednesday, January 13th around 1:45 p.m. at Jacob’s Island dog park and sustained severe injuries. She did not have the opportunity to gather contact information from the owner of the dog that attacked hers, as Mogli was bleeding profusely and was in critical condition and she had to leave immediately to get him to the vet. Laura is looking to the public for more information regarding the death of her beloved pet.

According to Laura, a roan brindle mastiff/pit cross looking dog who is square and stocky charged across the park. She notes that the dog had a western collar, leather scalloped with metal medallions on it. There was also a dark Australian Shepard type dog with the dog who attacked. The mastiff picked up Mogli, a 10-pound dachshund around his torso and "thrashed him around like a chew toy for at least 30 seconds." The dog did not respond to commands to drop the dog or leave, and didn’t stop despite her screaming or trying to grab its collar. Laura says the owner came sprinting after the dog and attempted to remove him from the dachshund but wasn't able to at first.  

Laura describes the dog’s owner as approximately late 20’s/early 30’s, about 5’9”, wearing jeans, and Carhartt clothing, with a “ranching appearance and possibly blond or strawberry blonde hair. There was another human with him at the park, but that person didn't join at the scene. The mastiff evetually let go and she was able to scoop up her dachshund. She then rushed out of the park to get Mogli and her other dog away from the attack dog and to get Mogli to the vet, so she wasn’t able to speak with the owner of the other dog. Mogli suffered puncture wounds on his back and abdomen and lost so much blood that he went into shockHe had to get an IV catheter, pain meds, and warm fluids to stabilize him before he could get X-rays. On Thursday, Laura and the vet were hopeful that Mogli would recover, but sadly, he passed away from his injuries. 

Laura is in search of more information from any witnesses regarding the owner and the dog, and hopes to have the opportunity to speak with the owner herself. If you have any info to offer, you can contact officer Christiano Esparza at Animal Control, cesparza@missoulacounty.us 

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