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The Missoula County Attorney’s Office filed 12 new felony charges this past week, with an emphasis on crimes against persons. District Attorney Kirsten Pabst counts down the offenses this week.

“We filed a stalking case that additionally involved two violations of an order of protection, a partner of family member assault second offense in which the victim was the defendant’s mother,” said Pabst. “We also had an assault on a minor involving a repeat assault on the same child, and then there was another partner or family member assault.”

Pabst then described some offenses that turned out to be somewhat humorous.

“We had a felony DUI, allegedly a fifth offence,” she said. “There were three property crimes, one was the theft of a motorized cart from Rosauers and two criminal mischief cases. In one, the defendant allegedly destroyed her ex-boyfriend’s apartment, somewhat like a Carrie Underwood song that was popular some time ago involving a Louisville Slugger.”

Pabst also said her continuing relationships with federal and state law enforcement agencies are beginning to bear fruit in the area of methamphetamine interdiction and enforcement.

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