No wonder Johnny Depp was cast as the Mad Hatter: his personal life is a series of down-the-rabbit-hole, curiouser and curiouser moments that would made even Alice cringe.

In the latest nonsensical developments surrounding the saga of Depp and Amber Heard's divorce, The Mirror reports that his and Heard's relationship took a turn for the revolting after Heard allegedly left a pile of feces on the actor's bed.

On Thursday (August 16), the tabloid reported that the former couple got into an argument in April 2016 when Depp found feces in his bed and thought that it was from Heard, exacting revenge on Depp for arriving late to her birthday party.

But the actress insisted the substance was simply a gift from their dog Boo, a Yorkshire terrier, who was suffering from bowel issues.

In case the story isn't bizarre enough, a rep for Heard actually took the time to respond to the outlandish claim, telling Page Six that the fecal discovery "was an innocent thing."

"It’s what pets will do...Ms. Heard is moving on and we do not want to engage in this nonsense," they shared.

Whatever the reality is, one truth rings true: high-profile divorce stinks.

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