Missoula College will be getting less money this year from the Board of Regents after failing to meet certain criteria according to Deputy Commissioner for Planning and Budget Tyler Trevor.

“Missoula College has $200,000 of eligible performance funding that they will not be receiving, this is our annual allocation of performance funds that we do,” Trevor said. “For Missoula College, their issue, if you want to call it that, was a lack of improvement over their three year average in the number of degrees and certificates awarded.”

Every Montana campus is measured on two core metrics for the performance funds, specifically, the number of graduates completing and retention rates. Trevor says Missoula College wasn’t alone in failing to hit a performance criteria.

“We had three campuses that were identified that had some of their performance funding funds pulled out, there is an eligible amount that is calculated based on the total of $15 million that we allocate across the system…so,  we had Montana State Billings, Montanan Tech Highlands college [in Butte], and Missoula College,” Trevor said.

Although $200,000 may sound like a lot of funds, Trevor says it is “just a fraction of a percent” of the amount of funding Missoula College receives

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