Summer is a time for many things - outdoor adventures, sports, the beach. But most importantly, summer is a time for beer. You're gonna be at a lot of barbecues, and you're gonna hope that they're stocked with the good stuff. Good news is, here in Missoula, one of the must-have beers this summer is located right in town.

Thrillist put together this list of 25 beers around the world that are necessary drinking this summer. And among them was a summer beer from Missoula's own Bayern Brewing.

Bayern's St. Wilbur Weizen was the beer chosen, a 5.6% Hefeweizen - I've had it, and can confirm its goodness. Here's how it's described in the article:

Hefeweizens are a quintessential summer beer -- at least in Bavaria -- but it can be surprisingly tough to find a version brewed stateside that isn’t loaded with fruit. Bayern’s version hews about as close to authentic as you can find without booking an overseas flight: It’s unfiltered, with the telltale moussey head and hazy, orangey-yellow glow. A house hefeweizen yeast makes this wheat beer distinct from the others lining shelves; the brewmaster claims the recipe dates back to the Brauerei zum Schiff, located 60 miles southwest of Munich.

Pretty cool, right?

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