The young male grizzly bear that damaged the Whitetail Golf Course last October north of Stevensville got in trouble again - this time in the Seeley Lake area. And because of his history of breaking into buildings and exhibiting extreme "food-conditioned" behavior, was euthanized, according to the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks. The sub-adult bear damaged the Stevensville golf course for several days last year and was relocated to a remote area in the lower Blackfoot Valley. But when the bear came out of his den this spring, he headed to Seeley Lake adn started breaking into garbage, grain storage and other areas near Placid Lake, Clearwater Junction and Ovando. Officials captured the bear Wednesday, July 17, and in accordance with guidelines, euthanized it.

FWP bear management specialist Jamie Jonkel said, "If bears are able to find uncontained attractants like garbage, grain and even birdseed, then they tend to stay in the area looking for more, and it is extremely hard to break that behavior pattern."

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