Missoula is more than just a place I live—it's a place I proudly call home. While my love for travel has taken me across the U.S. and around the globe, every journey begins at Missoula's MSO airport. MSO is my favorite airport out of all the airports I've ever traveled to.

When I go to check my bag in the MSO  there is no hassle and the airline workers offer to check my carry-on for free. However, at Salt Lake City airport they never offered to check my carry-on for free, then they complained that there wasn’t enough room in the overhead storage then when I offered to check my carry-on they tried to charge me. MSO would never do that to me.

The MSO has the kindest TSA out of any airport I’ve been to. My friend had an expensive item in her carry-on that was not allowed on the plane. TSA offered to hold onto it for her until she came back.

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In SFO I accidentally brought a jar of Ponds Cream in my carry-on and they threw it away and continued to ruffle through my bad and left it a mess. Missoula would never do that to me. Do not get me started on the Heathrow TSA and Customs. Going through customs they questioned my last name because it’s “unusual” and made me show my driver’s license. I’ve had MSO TSA check my passport and giggle and say “never heard that last name before.”

MSO doesn’t have as many dining options, but I think that is better because being exhausted in an airport figuring out what you want to eat can be so overwhelming and MSO has a bar and two places to eat.

MSO I love you and your entire staff. Please never change.

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