The Red Cross has declared a blood shortage emergency this January, posing a critical risk to individuals who have experienced traumatic injuries or need blood to treat sickness. This dire situation leaves hospital staff struggling. There is still a need for blood, especially in the summer months when people are on vacation and traveling.

Meet Troy and Wes Ross

Great Falls boy, Troy Ross, was diagnosed with a rare immune disease at three years old. This disease put him in hospital and resulted in three-quarters of the blood in his body being replaced by nine different donors’ blood. “I’ve said this a thousand times but it’s a miracle, Troy shouldn’t be here, but he is,” Troy’s dad, Wes Ross said, “now that we’re here it’s how we can repay those nine donors who selflessly gave… and they gave my son a chance at living a full life.” Now Troy is ten and is living a happy and healthy life.

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Working with the American Red Cross the Ross family started “TroyStrong” which is a way to get people all over Montana to donate blood. The Ross family also works with Vitalant and Make a Wish Foundation which Troy’s older sister raised 3,000 dollars for with a lemonade stand.

TroyStrong moves around Montana. TroyStrong will be having a blood drive in Missoula on June 27th at the Adams Center, 32 Campus Drive, from 12 pm to 6 pm.

Why Should You Help?

Donating blood does not only help the community, but it also is beneficial to the donor. One donation can save up to three lives. Columbia University Invring Medical Center reports that regular blood donation can lower blood pressure which results in a lower chance of heart attacks. Plus afterward, you get a free snack and drink.

There are other places around Missoula to donate blood such as:

American Red Cross: 2041 N Reserve St suits 6 and 7


BioLife: Plasma Services 2050 Great Northern Ave


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