Montana’s Lt. Governor Mike Cooney met with radio and television executives at the Montana Broadcasters Association convention at Big Sky on Sunday morning.

Cooney provided a preview of the discussion with KGVO News on Saturday night.

“We’re going to talk about the importance of the census to all the people of Montana, and we’re going to talk about a partnership that we’re going to have with the broadcasters to help the State of Montana really getting out and doing what they need to do to report for the census so they can get a complete count,” said Cooney. “It really makes a difference on the federal dollars we have coming into the state. We’re talking healthcare, education, and those things that are important to everybody’s lives.”

Cooney also clarified discussions over whether the census could result in Montana gaining another seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

“That is a possibility,” he said. “Everybody is asking ‘what’s the magic number?’ because it really depends on other areas where they don’t have as much growth and they’re not doing as well as we are in Montana,” he said. “We need a complete count. It’s going to be important and we’re going to do everything we can. There are going to be some changes in the census from the way they’ve done it in the past and we’ll talk about that too to help educate people.”

Cooney also addressed the E.B. Craney Awards banquet audience promoting the importance of local broadcasters to keep the state fully and objectively informed about issues in the state, nation and throughout the world.

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