Panic! At the Disco fans, you may not have to "close a goddamn door" on a piece of the band's history. Over the weekend, the band's former bassist Jon Walker tweeted out that he had come across some unreleased music from the band's set aside Cricket and Clover album.

Fans may remember that the disc was expected to be the follow-up to their debut album A Fever You Can't Sweat Out, but the band changed direction, scrapping the material in favor of what would become 2008's Pretty. Odd. sophomore set. According to Walker, his father found a CD that included three Cricket and Clover demos.

Walker went on to describe the music as "weird and dense and beautiful and pre-weed," adding that he hoped someone got the okay to post them for fans. In addition, Walker revealed that father-in-law had unearthed "11 more post-cabin pre-Pretty. Odd. demos, and three Pretty. Odd. demos.

While exciting that music from the Cricket and Clover / Pretty. Odd era has surfaced, as Walker stated there will need to be approval before anything is issued.

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