There was a time when Missoula might make a list like this... you know, before it became prohibitively expensive to live here.

So instead, another Montana town is taking the reins on this one - Thrillist just released a list highlighting some of the best places for creative people to live that are actually affordable. Places like Detroit and Philadelphia made the cut, and from Montana, you've also got...

Livingston, Montana!

That's right, Livingston was named one of the best cheap cities for creatives and artists to live in right now. With a population of roughly 7700 and a median rental for a one-bedroom totaling around $550, Thrillist notes that the city has been home to several creatives over the years, including Anthony Bourdain and poet Jim Harrison.

When you're working in a creative field, it's often the case that you might not be making that much money - whether you're creating art independently or just working for a corporation that isn't paying you enough, financial security can sometimes be tricky. So even though big cities like New York or Los Angeles can be meccas for creative people, they're also so expensive that many people simply can't afford to live there.

But a town like Livingston - or any of these other places on the list - might just do the trick, and give people the freedom they need to create without having to stress out about paying rent this month.

Will Missoula ever get back to that status? It's such a creative, artistic city with a ton of very talented people in it - it would be great if they could afford to live here!

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