So, I get an email trying to get me to invest in something to protect my savings against inflation. Quite bold that, assuming I have significant savings.

As I checked my inbox I found a Consumer Affairs article about how long it takes to go broke when you find yourself canned. Depending on your banked savings and monthly costs, this email said that each state had its own “Go Broke By Date” like a Milk carton.

carton of milk opened with spilt milk around it
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That assumes Montana is in decent shape on that list being in the bottom five at about 106 days, meaning your savings should last longer than the top state, #1 Hawaii, and #2 California only 64ish.

Hey, hold my beer just a second here.

I am excited to express my joy that Big Sky Country is in the bottom five, still, this report is assuming I’ve got just shy of 10K in savings ready to rip. My experience is it costs a fair amount to live here! For example...

Hitting the entertainment! The seasons are short!

Outdoor crowded music concert in summer season
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Got the Season passes? Nope? Well stock up and get the BIG SCREEN!

Football fans watching match with beers and snacks
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Oh yea, this stuff. So-Much-Stuff.

List various monthly expenses in the budget
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I dropped “Cost of living in Missoula” into the browser search and it is enlightening. Try using it with your town's name just for fun! (Hi Bozeman!) Don’t look at what you should be making for a wage because that can be depressing, also your boss will dispute it.

So, does this mean that living in Montana means you are the least Llkely to go broke? Almost! It does mean you'll do it s-l-o-w-e-r. It more fits the lifestyle at least.

Alright, I’ve learned a lesson. It’s a good time to start a saving plan. Better check my email.

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