Living in Montana isn't for the faint of heart. Montana winters can be brutal, and an encounter with wildlife could be deadly.

Photo by Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash
Photo by Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash

Many Montanans are upset about the number of out-of-staters that have moved here in recent years. The influx of people moving to the state to work remotely has resulted in home prices skyrocketing.

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I get it, Montana is a beautiful state. It's easy to fall in love with. Unfortunately, longtime Montana residents aren't happy and "go back to where you came from" is a common sentiment. A lot of people move to Montana without understanding the realities of living here. It may be beautiful, but a lot of the hardships of living in Montana aren't really talked about.

Montana is home to several predators, including grizzly bears and mountain lions. Every year, we hear horrifying stories about people getting attacked by grizzly bears and other forms of wildlife. There are more grizzly bears in Montana than in any other state in the lower 48.

Photo by Thomas S. on Unsplash
Photo by Thomas S. on Unsplash

Recently, a TikTok user named Zak James released a video about things people should know before they decide to move to Montana. He said he shared the video to raise awareness about the realities of living in Montana—in a rather satirical manner.

The video is NSFW and contains language that may not be appropriate for children.

@jakzames These are the things your real estate agent won’t tell you, just be aware #fyp #montana ♬ original sound - Zak James

A lot of the information in the video isn't factual, and is clearly meant to be a funny way of deterring people from moving to Montana, but we definitely got a good laugh when we watched it.

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This Family Friendly "Montana Town" Is Frozen In Time

One of the coolest places to check out in Montana is the "Old Montana" town of Nevada City. Located just on the other side of Virginia City, Nevada City is the perfect example of what life was like back during the gold rush in the 1800s.

With several different buildings to tour and friendly folks to guide you through your visit, as well as tell you the stories of the times, Nevada City is not only educational but fun for the whole family.

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