"A Random Dude" isn't the name of a band or artist, they literally picked up a rando to play with them at Caras today.

Letter B are a roots rock group with a sister/brother duo on lead vocals. They've been growing their fan base since 2013 and add "Letter B allows the mind to float while the body gets down. We aim to captivate the soul and motivate movement."

I had Jordan Lane on my Friday show and he was saying that they will have a couple of special guests to help keep their 5 hour long set today at Caras Park for the Montana Brewers Fall Rendezvous interesting. Guitarist Emmet Ore of Shakewell will guest, along with a saxophonist who is traveling through Missoula. Jordan explained that he was walking through downtown Missoula when he heard this amazing sax playing, so he followed the sound and met this guy who was traveling and just happened to be spending the weekend in town. So he invited the guy to jam with them today and honestly, judging by the story, I don't think this guy knows what he's in for, he probably thinks he's playing a house party or something.

Just another reason to love Missoula, always keeping things interesting! Catch Letter B this evening at Caras from 4 to 8 p.m. (3 p.m. if you're VIP.) $25 at the door gets you unlimited samples of craft brews and a 'beer school', your favorite food trucks are on hand and the weather is perfect!

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