It's hard for any musical act to score a hit single, let alone release a song that lingers in the public consciousness after its most popular moment. A track that lingers on the charts for years is something truly special — and the Killers have joined that club definitively now that their first big hit, "Mr. Brightside," has logged its 200th week on the U.K.'s top 100 songs chart.

News of the song's milestone comes courtesy of Official Charts, which point out that the song has made the Top 100 most weeks since the summer of 2016 — more than a decade after its initial release as a single from the Killers' 2004 Hot Fuss LP. Quite a bit of that has to do with recurrent streaming data being used to determine the charts; according to data collected by the British recording industry's trade association, "Mr. Brightside" is the most streamed song recorded before 2010.

Yet as the Official Charts report notes, it isn't just streaming that's keeping "Brightside" on the charts. People are also downloading it — "an average of 696 times a week" this year — which, combined with nearly 900,000 weekly streams, is enough to create a very impressive streak.

It's all a little ironic, given that "Mr. Brightside" lasted only a month on the U.K. charts during its initial release, but the Killers will undoubtedly take it — although they still have a long way to go before they move into truly record-breaking chart run territory. As any Pink Floyd fan could tell you, it'll take years for that to happen.

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