(If you're a Foo Fan, this video is the best thing you'll see all weekend, or as Dave would say, "that's some badass shit.")

Happy Concrete And Gold Friday! The new Foo Fighters album is out today and it's a different sound for them.

My CD and vinyl arrived on Wednesday so I Clorox wiped the counter, took my meds, washed my hands and opened the glorious package. I took in the first listen totally free of distraction and here's what I took away from it. If the Foo Fighters made an album in the 70's, this would be it. There's a very heavy 70's vibe and you can hear Pink Floyd, the Beatles and even ELO influences. The opening track, "T-Shirt" is so short, it's almost not a song, and the album finishes with "Concrete And Gold" with Shawn Stockton of Boyz II Men on guest back up vocals. Oh, and make sure you listen through to the very end, there's a random "fuck you Darrell!" not to be missed.

You can pick up Concrete And Gold today on CD and vinyl at Ear Candy Music on the Hip Strip, and you can see the Foo Fighters on December 4th in Spokane and December 9th in Billings.

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