Will you see any major concerts in 2020? Not likely. 2021? Maybe. One of the co-founders of Lollapalooza recently shared his reasoning for his theory that live concerts for large crowds won't return until 2022. So as Kiss declares that they haven't postponed their September show at the Gorge Amphitheater because they are planning to move ahead with it, it's impossible to believe.

However, I guess if you really believe in the power of your band, nothing is impossible. Haha, I wish. Every show scheduled for 2020 at the Gorge has been canceled, with the exception of the Lumineers, who  have postponed to 2021 (if you won tickets from us, hold on to those!)

Kiss rescheduled their "End Of The Road" European tour this morning (7/20), but still stand by their stance that the September 19, 2020 date is a 'go.' You gotta wonder if it's really them, which is easy to believe because they are known to be stubborn from time to time, or their management/production company/label. Someone thinks it's going down, but it's mean to tease the fans. We'll keep you posted when we hear more. However, none of this should keep you from rock n' rolling all night, and partying every day.

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