This is an example of when it's 100% okay to invite a customer to f**k off.

Over the weekend, a one star review with a paragraph of "I hope y'all go out of business" flavor hit the Notorious P.I.G. Facebook page. You may have noticed that in recent weeks, Facebook Reviews are a tool being used by customers to tank businesses page's ratings if they don't agree with their mask policies. Often times, it's not even customers, just a new way for random Karens to ask to speak with the manager.

The response posted by the owner was on point, and that's when the exchange went viral. Many Missoulians were sharing it and encouraging their friends to get into the Notorious P.I.G. for some awesome BBQ, while reminding all to tip well.

Here's how it went down.

Facebook screenshot
Facebook screenshot

I wonder if this gentleman would encourage standing up to the board of health if his server decided they were entitled to never wash their hands, even after using the bathroom. No matter, he got the hearty 'bye Felicia' and the rest of us still get to enjoy the succulent deliciousness that is Zootang pulled pork sammy...yummmmm. Get yours at 247 Front street downtown.

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