It's easy to be negative these days about Missoula. There are so many choices. We can complain about the traffic, or about the population increase, or about the taxes. We can complain about so much. But how about we focus, for a bit anyway, on what we appreciate about Missoula.

Spotlighting What Missoulians Love About Missoula

We wanted to put the spotlight on some positive things about our town. We all have our own list of the things that we appreciate and that keep some of us here. We wanted you to tell us about the one thing you "absolutely love about Missoula". You never disappoint when it comes to your answers.

Missoula Loves The Griz

Griz pennant on University of Montana campus
Credit: Angel
  • Sabrina- That we are all the same at a Montana Grizzlies football game.
  • Jennifer- Griz games!
  • Michael- Downtown vibe after GRIZ games.
  • Jim- Washington Grizzly Stadium
  • Nikki- The GRIZ!
  • Jodi- Griz!!
  • Renee- Grizzlies!

Missoula Food

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Some people love the food that Missoula has to offer.

  • Chuck- Double Front Chicken!
  • Lucinda- Paul’s Pancake parlor!
  • Terry- Paul’s Pancake parlor
  • Jessica- #1 Gyro
  • Amber- Worden's Market
  • Paul- The Greek pastry shop.
  • Mike- Chinese Buffet and Walmart.
  • Sarah- Hoagieville
  • Timmy- The tacos
  • Will- Oxford
  • Dan- KFC
  • Ray- Wardens Market
  • Jeff- The fried chicken sando at Conflux
  • Dani- # 1 Gyros
  • Tiffany- The Tamarack
  • Tanner- Rollin down Brooks on a early summer Sunday morning on the way to Charlie B's for some Chilli and a cold one. Now that's what love about Missoula.
  • Jessica- Local Buisnesses and restaurants. Big Dipper Ice Cream & Kornutopia popcorn next to each other.

Watching and being with the people is something we can appreciate.

  • Jeannie- The people
  • Brande- All the cool and unique people.
  • Shayne- The People
  • John- The people!
  • Gwen- My sweet Missoula family!
  • Brian- Things people do on bikes. I once saw a guy playing mandolin on his bike while towing a trailer carrying a stand up Bass on West Broadway.
  • Kiana- The community that helps out in any way they can to assist people in need no matter what state they came from.

There are businesses that people love.

  • Samuel- FreeCycles
  • Cydnie- I'm a nerd so definitely the Book Exchange.
  • Suzanah- Rockin’ Rudy’s!

The Missoula music scene people love.

  • Z Axel- The Metal Scene
  • Tiffany-  I love the Wilma and The Top Hat! Too many to choose.
  • Hannah- The music scene.
  • Hannah- Music! The concert scene.
  • Coyla- The concerts!

The Missoula landscape is something that some people love.

Credit: Chris Wolfe
Credit: Chris Wolfe
  • Mike- Montana Snowbowl
  • Travis- The sunrise and sunsets.
  • Brittney- The drive around Pattee Canyon and Blue Mountain
  • Kathy- The beautiful fauna and flora.
  • Rose- Walking trails in the mountains
  • Dustin- The rivers
  • Shawn- The rivers and lakes
  • Raymond- The fishing, and being one of the only Muslims here in the Mission Valley, I enjoy the Masjid in zoo too where I get my spirit fix.
  • Melanie- The mountains
  • Linda- Mountains, Rivers, wildlife, and Double Front Chicken lol
  • Sarah-The amount of festivals and farmers markets and fun outside events
  • T- The surrounding mountains and uniqueness! I love it here even though it’s changed and has some issues it’s still a great place to live.

Missoula isn't perfect. Gauging from a lot of responses there are people who will never find anything about Missoula they will love. Missoula won't ever please everybody, but maybe we can look at some of the things on the list and try to find something that we can at least "like".

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