Alright so we are officially 4 days out from Sasquatch 2017 at The Gorge!!! From the looks of things, its gonna be so freakin hot!!!

According to The Weather Channel, here's our Sasquatch forecast:


  • High - 82
  • Low - 56
  • Sunny


  • High - 87
  • Low - 59
  • Sunny


  • High - 89
  • Low - 61
  • Sunny

As Missoulians, we should be pretty familiar with a little thing called 'wind chill.' Being that this music festival takes place in a gorge (duh), we should plan ahead and make sure we're extra prepared for the wind to pick up and drop that temp, especially at night! So bring an excessive amount of sunscreen and bandannas for the daytime and a nice warm sweatshirt to wear at night!

See ya at Sasquatch baby!!!!!!!!

Mat Hayward
Mat Hayward

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