I was born and raised in Great Falls. And when I was 21 I moved to Missoula. I told my folks that I was going to give college a try. So I enrolled at the University Of Montana.

For three weeks.

To say that my study habits weren't very good would have been an understatement. Also, college algebra was beyond my comprehension.

I had missed the Aber Day Keggers by just a few years. Which was too bad because I have never seen 10,000 people gather just to drink Rainier Beer. Sad.

But I'm sitting here wondering how much Missoula has changed since the mid-1980's.

Is Hackey Sack still big on campus? What about frisbee football?

Do the college kids still gather at Stockmans and the Rhino? And does the Rhino still have a zillion different beers on tap?

I'm pretty sure that a guy could still get a great double cheeseburger at the Mo Club? Grilled right in front of you and served with a warm beer. Feel free to drop your peanut shells on the floor.

And if you didn't get a burger, I wonder if you can still get brains and eggs at the Ox after the bars closed?

I'm pretty sure that the hang gliders still land at the U of M golf course. But I'll bet the green fees there aren't five bucks anymore.

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Do they still show two movies at the Roxie on Sundays for just a buck?

Can you still get a large pizza and a pitcher of beer for five bucks at Village Inn on Sundays?

Those were good days.

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