Did you want to get away or stay? It turns out that millennials have not strayed too far from where they grew up.

More than two-thirds of adults by the age of 26 settled not far from where they grew up, according to the Census Bureau, with 80% living within 100 miles of home. Only 10% of them live farther than 500 miles from home.

I was trying to think of the reasons why they'd stay close, and the first thought that comes to mind is most adults 25 and under are still depending on mom and dad. Living at home while they go to school is one thing but just taking it easy and waiting for the lottery or someone to come knocking is another.

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Tough love is something that kids need. Sometimes they have to feel a little pain and know what it's like to struggle in order to appreciate what they really had and how hard their parents had to work to provide for them.

I was a getaway kid. I was bit by the Montana bug when I came out here to visit, but I was fortunate to have a good work ethic so I survived the early days.

The sad part for me now is currently all of my kids are more than 500 miles away from home. I do know though that they would all like to be here in Montana somewhere if they could and that's coming down the road.

100 miles is nothing for us out here so that's just like living close by for most. Some are ready to set the world on fire but then they realize there's no place like home.

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