The Foo Fighters' stop in Billings on Saturday, December 9th may have never happened if it weren't for a Missoula dog.

Yes, it all came down to a doggo. According to KTVQ TV in Billings, three weeks prior to the show, Foo management reached out to the Rimrock Auto Arena and requested extra security, including a bomb sniffing dog. So venue officials immediately began their search.

There is a bomb sniffing dog located in Helena, but he was busy (previous Christmas engagement? Doggies love eggnog.) The dog seekers then set their sights on a group in Atlanta, but the weather wouldn't allow for it. Finally, at the last minute, on the Friday night before the show, a group in Missoula reached out to say that they were available to drive Missoula's bomb dog to the venue. They checked into Billings at 2 a.m., now that's cutting it close.

Thanks to them, the show went on as planned. And I know that the 12,000 Foo fans at the show appreciated the extra security, even if if meant a longer stand in a very cold line.

The long, long, long line to get into the Foo Fighters show in Billings - Photo by Angel