Dave Grohl is known as the "nicest guy in rock," but honestly (song pun intended), the entire band love their fans. It's proven time and time again when Nate Mendel, Pat Smear, Chris Shiflett, Taylor Hawkins and Rami Jaffee graciously stop to pose for a selfie and spend endless months touring, even though most of them are fathers with families. Here is even more proof that the Foos treat their fans like family.

  • Photo by Angel
    Photo by Angel

    Small Venues Tour

    The first leg of the 2017 Concrete and Gold tour was made up of medium market cities and smaller venues. When you can sell out a 90,000 person capacity Wembley stadium, yes, a 12,000 Metra Park arena is "small." They know they can sell out those massive venues, but continue to bring live music to all of their fans, no matter the size of the city.

  • Photo by Jordan Dawson
    Photo by Jordan Dawson

    Autographed Drum Heads

    For each stop on the current tour, the Foos plan ahead and sketch some art, along with their autographs, on one of Taylor's drum skins. There are even 2 collectible guitar picks, 1 representing "Concrete" and the other "Gold," fastened to the drum skin. They give one to security at each stop and have it gifted to somebody in the front row.

  • Photo by Tan Curtis/TSM
    Photo by Tan Curtis/TSM

    Coins & Collectibles

    Not everybody can drop $100 for a poster or $35 for a t-shirt after they've already paid for concert tickets. The Foos know this and provide plenty of $5 items at their merch booth. The band also makes sure that plenty of guitar picks (custom to each band member), drum sticks and set lists are tossed out to fans rather than swept away after each show.

  • Photo by Angel
    Photo by Angel

    The Fooseum

    The inaugural Foo Fighters version of the CalJam festival in San Bernardino featured a very comprehensive Foo Museum. They didn't have to take the time to haul all of that stuff to the venue and hire people to set it up and man it, but they did. Because they KNEW the fans would dig the hell out of it, I know I did.

  • Getty Images
    Getty Images

    They dedicated a song to Laura Plane.

    Laura Plane was a mega Foo fan from the UK who battled cancer for 8 years and passed away before she could see the band play Glastonbury in June of this year. When the band found out, Dave personally wrote a note for her husband, and during their set at Glastonbury, they dedicated 'Everlong' to their late fan.

  • Photo by Marlo J Arp
    Photo by Marlo J Arp

    They stop for selfies...and hugs.

    Why do so many fans have photos together with the Foos? Because they happened to run into them. The Foo Fighters never charge to get backstage, but your best bet to meet the band is simply to run into them. They clearly have no worries about meeting fans, taking pics and exchanging hugs, because all of them can be seen out and about on each stop of the tour.

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