In case you didn't know, the M is 100% ready and willing to be hiked right now. Sure the fluctuating weather this week is gonna make some of the switchbacks a little more slick than normal, but the view from up on top is totally worth it... Trust me!

Over the weekend I made a quick decision to brave the slushy conditions (definitely didn't have my Yaktrax) and hike the M before the sun went down. It might have been the best decision I made all weekend because the weather was perfect and the view straight-up took my breath away.

From a difficulty standpoint, the hike up to the top was only slightly more challenging than normal. The main reason being that I forgot my Yaktrax at home, so I was relying heavily on the tred from my hiking boots. But if you just take it slow, mind your footing and watch out for slippy ice patches, you can definitely make it to the top with little to no help. And like I said, the view makes the extra effort completely worth it!

Not to get all emotional, but it's moments like the one I spent on top of the M, by myself and listening to music while taking in the view, that really gives me life and rejuvenates me. It's so easy to get swept up in work and daily obstacles that we basically forget to breathe and truly appreciate being healthy and alive! Life is a balancing act, and last weekend reminded me that I need to do a better job of taking more time for myself, doing things that bring light to my life.

Hiking is something that makes me genuinely happy. I love hiking with my friends, but I'm also totally okay with going on adventures by myself. So whether it's hiking, running, mountain biking etc., find the activity that gets your heart racing and then make time for it! The benefits of doing what you love will change your life!

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