We are used to some pretty cold temperatures here in our fair state. To be honest, the harsh winters are what define us as being some "tough folks." But for the residents of Oymyakon in Siberia, our idea of cold is NOTHING compared to their everyday life.

USA Today reports that the small village in Russia is known for being the coldest place on the planet, that is inhabited by people. They decided to capitalize on the tourism of a place as special as theirs, by putting up a LARGE Thermometer in the center of town.

Earlier this week, temperature in Oymyakon plummeted to -88 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature was so cold, that it actually broke the town's famed thermometer. But, -88 degrees isn't the towns REAL record. In 1933, the town recorded an all time low of -90 degrees.

We understand if you felt the urge to put on your jacket while reading this.

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