One of my favorite qualities about Missoula is how pet friendly it is! Pretty much everywhere you go, your furry friend can tag along! But should they?

Even though I don't have a dog at the moment, I know the feeling of wanting to bring my pup with me everywhere I go. But over time I've learned that the safety of a pet must be the top priority.

The Missoula Police Department posted this on their Facebook page today:

Missoulians love their pets, and will call 911 if they see a dog left in a vehicle, even for a short time. Please do us and your dog a favor, and leave them at home when you run errands. Police officers and animal control officers get flooded with these calls throughout the summer, and there's really no good reason to bring your dog with you while you're out driving around. We do issue citations for cruelty to animals, if necessary, but we'd much prefer that you just leave your dog at home!

It's one thing if you leave your animal inside your vehicle with the AC on high while you make a quick stop at the grocery store. But if your quick fix is cracking the windows or just leaving the fan on, that might not be enough to keep your pet out of danger.

I know it's hard to leave your pet behind, especially when they give you that pouty look. But your pets can overheat in your vehicle so easily!

Check out the photo below to see why it might be best to leave your furry friend at home while you run your errands this summer!

Thanks so much to the Missoula Police Department for looking out for the well being of our pets!!!

Missoula Police Department
Missoula Police Department

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