Rocker, actor, spoken word artist, radio host and ... painter? Hard rocking renaissance man Henry Rollins recently explored his artistic side appearing as a special guest with the Shirtless Painter for an episode that appeared on Funny or Die (and can be seen above).

“It’s not often you get to chisel Adonis’ like this in one room, so there is no better thing for us to do than to paint each other,” says the Shirtless Painter, introducing the segment with Rollins also doffing his shirt while painting.

The two men enjoy comfortable banter while breaking out their palette, and while the Shirtless Painter goes for a more straight up portrait of Rollins, Rollins goes a little more abstract in his interpretation of the Shirtless Painter, offering up a solid black box surrounded by a human colored outline and a brown dot. At one point, the Shirtless Painter errs a bit on the eye, with the paint dripping. "You are accidentally crying," he tells Rollins, covering his error.

During the discussion, the two men discuss Rollins upbringing around art, while the musician also offer anecdotes about Andy Warhol, Dolph Lundrgen, George Carlin, the stories behind his tattoos and more. About midway into the episode, Rollins and the Shirtless Painter agree they aren't satisfied with their canvas and choose to paint each other's bodies instead.

Check out the full episode above for one of the more unique interviews you'll ever see.

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