When these articles start hitting eyes, people always go "oh crap, is it Mother's Day!?" and quickly find a calendar. It's not this weekend, thank goodness, it's next Sunday, May 9th. If you'll have the pleasure of taking your own Mom and/or your babyMama out for a meal, allow me to give you a couple of tips.

If you share children with a woman who will be celebrated on Mom's Day, do not get her up early. For the love of all that is holy, let her sleep in. Maybe she's one of those Moms that's always up early for the gym or a run and will be up on her own, which is awesome. But for many Moms, sleeping in is her wildest dream come true. If you and the kids make her breakfast, don't make her clean up after you, use your brain.

If you decide to take Mom out, don't go somewhere that you know will be a long wait if you know she's already hungry. Because nobody wants to get hangry and get cranky at their family on Mother's Day. And, if you are taking her out for something fancy, or you are splurging, tell her you saved up to pay for the meal, especially if she's the household bookkeeper. Otherwise, she may enjoy the meal, but will also be thinking about how expensive it is the entire time.

If you are considering going out, you might check out The Montana Club for breakfast or dinner. They've been making a big deal of Mom's Day since 1999, so they know how to do it up right. Their special breakfast menu will include a wide variety of selections, including smoked salmon benedict and bloody marys, for dinner, it's all about the lobster (that's where the "I saved up" fib becomes helpful.) Check out their full Mom's Day menu here.

And I promise you, there's nothing she loves more than a homemade card, no matter how old the kids are, that's for real.

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