If you're into snacks but not football, no worries. There are TONS of other options on TV this coming Sunday if you have zero interest in watching football.

Don't feel bad. You're not alone. There's no shame in that anti-football game. This year, other channels appear to be catering to your needs more than ever.

From back-to-back good movies all day long to marathons of EVERYTHING....think trash reality TV or documentaries on America's First Ladies. Trust me, you've got options. Just stroll on out of your guest room when you get hungry.

I took a look at what Bozeman Spectrum had to offer on Sunday afternoon around 4 or 5pm. (The football game we're talking about actually starts at 4:30pm locally but there's 18 hours of pre-game nonsense that you may need to avoid too.)

  • The Puppy Bowl XVII - ANIMAL PLANET - Starts around 4pm and runs the duration of the football game.
  • Bar Rescue Marathon - PARAMOUNT - It's a marathon so it's happening all afternoon. Who doesn't love Jon Taffer yell at failing bar owning idiots?
  • Law & Order SVU Marathon - USA - Hour long episodes all afternoon
  • Undercover Boss Marathon - CNBC - Hour long episodes of CEOs going undercover within their own companies to find the good, the bad and the ugly.
  • Hoarders Marathon - A&E - Always mildly disturbing but it generally makes you feel better about your own mess.
  • First Ladies Marathon - CNN - A CNN original series, obviously about America's First Ladies. Narrated by Robin Wright.
  • Crazy Rich Asians into A Star is Born - TBS - Decent movies back to back on TBS. (Note that Crazy Rich Asians starts far before the game starts so check your local listing.)

Little Wolf Road House, Bozeman, MT

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