Pursuit of romance is never out of season. But deer hunting can be. And those two things came together in a weird way!

Our friends at thehuntingnews.com  shared a story about Cannon Harrison, an Oklahoma game warden who, while off duty, was pursuing a love connection via a dating app on his phone. The woman he was exchanging messages with obviously did not know Cannon was a game warden, as she started bragging about the "big ol' buck" she just took down. Of course it was "big ol' outta season!"

Warden Harrison continued to probe with questions about when and where, and was able to obtain a location. Oklahoma wardens arrived at the site of the kill and made their case. The love-struck poacher-ette plead guilty and paid multiple fines.

The messaging between Warden Harrison and the woman went something like this:


Hey there.

How are you?

No complaints. How about you?

Oh I'm great. Just shot a big ol' buck. Pretty happy about it.

Hell yeah. Get him with a bow?

Well we don't need to talk about that.

Ha ha. Spotlight?


Nice. Where at?

My ranch in __________.


For sure.

Got a pic?

And we don't expect those two to announce their engagement anytime soon.

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