It can be a real pain trying to find downtown parking in Missoula, but the Parking Commission is trying to help solve that problem. On Monday, they opened a new public parking garage. Interim Parking Services Director Tiffany Brander says this structure is a great addition.

“We are very excited to announce the opening of the ROAM level of parking over on 305 East Front Street,” Brander. “It is going to add 139 spaces to the inventory of public parking. Of those spaces, 49 will be hourly and 90 will be leased spaces. It is open to the public and so far, the first week has been great.”

According to Brander, there are still individual lease spaces available.

“The business lease spaces have been completely leased,” Brander said. “There was a waitlist for the individual spaces. We went through that waitlist and made all of the calls. We had a few people decline and a few people accept. We are slowly filling up, but there is definitely some availability. If folks are interested in a space, they should call us as soon as possible.”

Those that would like to purchase a space can call the Parking Commission at (406) 552-6250.

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