Ever wonder what happens to those cars you see on the streets of Missoula and on the side of the highway with the big orange stickers on them? If nobody claims them, they go to auction.

The next Missoula Police Department Abandoned Vehicle Auction is Thursday, September 12th at Pro Towing, 1922 S. 3rd Street, from 10 a.m. to noon. Vehicles are available for preview starting at 9:30 a.m. and payment by cash or check is required at time of sale.

Minimum bid is $85, here's what will be up for grabs.

Agency Assigned Number/ Vehicle Description/ Vehicle Identification Number
PAV19-111 1999 LEXUS RX3 SUV MAR JT6HF10U1X0078721
PAV19-114 2001 BMW 525IT SW BLU WBADS43411GD84185
PAV19-118 2004 TOYT SIEN VAN SIL 5TDZA23C54S050580
PAV19-124 1996 SUBA LEG SW GRN 4S3BG6852T7377996
PAV19-125 2002 CHEV SILV 1500 TK WHI 1GCEC14W02Z140291
PAV19-126 1999 CHEV MAL 4DR BGE 1G1ND52T6X6185248
PAV19-127 2001 HYUN ACC 3DR GRAY KMHCF35G91U096350
PAV19-129 1997 GMC SIER TK BLU 2GTEK19R1V1515401
PAV19-131 1995 LEXUS SC300 CP WHI JT8JZ31C0S0028211
PAV19-134 2003 SATRN L300 4DR SIL 1G8JW54R13Y535072
PAV19-135 2002 FORD WIN VAN RED 2FMZA52412BA59010
PAV19-137 1998 FORD WIN VAN GRN 2FMZA5143WBE17196
PAV19-139 1994 FORD ASPIRE 3DR RED KNJLT05H9R6132457
PAV19-140 1990 FORD RANG TK TAN 1FTCR14T8LPA05522
PAV19-142 1997 SUBA LEG SW BLU/GRY 4S3BG6851V6608427
PAV19-148 1995 HOND ACCRD 4D WHI JHMCD5653SC023760
PAV19-149 2005 FORD EXPLR SUV BLU 1FMZU72K65ZA59944
PAV19-150 1989 HOND CIVC 2DR GRY JHMEY3747KS003833
PAV19-151 1995 GMC SRA TK WHI 1GDHK34N2SE535417
PAV19-152 1993 AUDI QTO SW WHI WAUFK84A4PN073596
PAV19-154 1999 FORD TAUR SW WHI 1FAFP58S9XG108889
PAV19-155 1992 FORD E350 ECO VAN WHI 1FTEE14Y2NHB09422
PAV19-156 1977 BUICK LESBR 2DR GRN 4N37K7C113283
PAV19-157 1993 FORD TAUR 4DR GRN 1FALP54P1PA165059
PAV19-158 2002 HYUN ACCNT CP BLK KMHCG35C82U182454
PAV19-160 1993 SUBA LEG SW WHI 4S3BJ6338P7945911
PAV19-162 2004 NISS SENT 4DR SIL 3N1CB51D44L891282
PAV19-163 2012 FORD FIEST 4DR RED 3FADP4FJ5CM140931
PAV19-164 2000 CHEV MALIBU 4D SIL 1G1ND52J9Y6309755
PAV19-165 1994 FORD TAUR 4DR GRN 1FALP52UXRG260700
PAV19-166 2000 FORD E350 VAN WHI 1FMRE11L8YHA75559
PAV19-167 2003 CHEV CAVALIER 4D BLU 1G1JC52F437387585
PAV19-168 2000 CHEV IMPALA 4D WHI 2G1WF55E3Y9292263
PAV19-169 1992 MAZD NAV SUV RED 4F2CU44X6NUM08325
PAV19-171 1997 GEO PRIZM 4DR GOLD 1Y1SK5264VZ432364
PAV19-172 2000 FORD CONT 4DR MAR 1FAFP66LXYK136331
PAV20-001 1998 FORD F150 TK BLK 1FTRX18L2WKB21861
PAV20-002 2002 NISS XTER SUV SIL 5N1ED28YX2C534751
PAV20-004 1997 FORD TAUR 4DR GRN 1FALP52U9VA286413
PAV20-005 1998 JEEP CHER SUV RED 1J4FJ68S2WL134865
PAV20-007 1988 FORD F150 TK BRWN/TAN 1FTEF14N6JPA77917
PAV20-008 2006 HYUN SONAT 4DR RED 5NPEU46F16H152068
PAV20-011 2001 FORD TAUR 4DR WHI 1FAFP55261A251846
PAV20-013 1977 CHEV SUBURBAN BLUE CKR167F120947
PAV20-014 2006 PONT GR PRX 4DR WHI 2G2WP552961236449

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