School is officially back in full swing, which means a lot of 18-year-olds just moved to Missoula for the first time as they start attending the University of Montana. You know what year these kids were born in? 2001. I'm only 26 and that makes me feel old - at least I was around for dial-up internet.

Here are ten facts about the new UM freshmen that'll also make you reach for your cane and start passing out hard candies.

1. They've never known a world without smartphones.

2. Seinfeld was already over by the time they were born.

3. They know Patrick Stewart more for X-Men than for Star Trek.

4. They probably heard "Ice, Ice Baby" for the first time while watching Step Brothers.

5. They have never known a world in which The Amazing Race and Survivor weren't on TV.

6. Will Ferrell left Saturday Night Live just after they were born.

7. The Office - which has become one of Gen Z's favorite shows, thanks to Netflix - premiered when they were just four years old.

8. Eminem had already Forgot About Dre before they were born.

9. The Boston Red Sox have always been a team that wins the World Series every few years.

10. Jimmy Fallon has had a late-night show for more than half of their entire lives.

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