I always say every season is bike riding season in Missoula, because Missoulians don't care about the weather when it comes to getting outdoors. Seeing a local on a bike carrying a bag of groceries in a snow storm is not unusual. However, May is officially Bike Month in Missoula and here are a couple of fun opportunities to get out on your bike this weekend, in fact, you can get the whole household involved.

These are two very different bike tours, one has flowers and the other has graves. The first invites you to "Bike Among the Blooms" at the U of M Arboretum for a self-guided tour that you can take anytime. Spring is the ideal time to explore the State of Montana Arboretum, so get out of the traffic and into the beautiful trees of campus on this tour going on now. If it's too far for your little ones to ride to campus, you are welcome to park at the Van Buren/Campus Drive lot. Here's the map for your self-guided tour.

The other self-guided tour is at the Missoula City Cemetery this Saturday and Sunday. This is the cemetery on the north side of town on that backroad that goes from the northside to North Reserve.  For both days from 8 a.m. to dusk, you're invited to learn about historical figures of Missoula's past while biking through stations. Parking and restrooms will be available on site, all you really need is your bike and a water bottle. This is a family friendly tour and you can find the guide map here.

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