Have you noticed all the stories lately about places that can't find employees to fill positions? Just this morning I read about a school bus driver shortage across the country. Schools are having to get creative to provide bus service as some places are understaffed by as much as 30%. I also saw where Lyft and Uber wait times have increased because of driver shortages. In both stories the cause was the same - people are making more money on unemployment than they would working either job.

We've seen it locally too. Places around town have had to alter their hours and even remain closed because they can't find employees. It's pretty crazy, Buffalo Wild Wings in Missoula has been closed on Monday's for the past few weeks to give employees a bit of a break. And we recently saw Gov. Greg Gianforte announce the end of pandemic-related federal unemployment benefits and the introduction of a back-to-work bonus to entice people to reenter the workforce.

It looks like the worker shortage is also being felt when it comes to Missoula's four largest pools. As we head toward summer, the different facilities are facing a lifeguard shortage and are looking to hire. A press release notes that the Missoula Family YMCA, Splash Montana, Currents, and the University of Montana Grizzly Pool have all seen a lower amount of applications for lifeguard positions.

“Missoula has a lot of water enthusiasts. We’ve got dedicated lap swimmers, competitive swimmers and families looking for fun ways to cool off. We’re looking for people who are passionate about engaging with community members. A lifeguard job offers a great mix of developing relationships with swimmers while providing them with safe swimming opportunities.” -  Rose Kahane of the Missoula Family YMCA

If you're interested, the positions offer the following benefits:

  • flexible hours including part-time or full-time
  • morning or evening hours
  • a great first job for high school or college students
  • CPR, first aid and rescue training provided

You can submit an application online at:

www.ymcamissoula.org | www.missoulaparks.org | https://www.umt.edu/crec/Pool/employment.php.

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