I feel like the weather has my internal clock all mixed up. The 4th of July is just two weeks away! But my brain won't accept that to be a fact since we really haven't had any prolonged runs of nice weather leading up to it. As we get set to celebrate another Independence Day, it always brings questions about what we can and can't do when it comes to fireworks around Missoula. It's good to be in the know to avoid any trouble or fines that may come with violating fireworks ordinances.

What's happening (and isn't happening) around town for the 4th of July?

Before we talk about things to keep in mind while you have your own fun with fireworks, here's what's making news when it comes to community events for the holiday this year.

If you didn't already hear, the annual celebration at Southgate Mall has been "temporarily" canceled and won't happen this year. That includes the big fireworks display that usually has Missoulians searching for the best spot to watch the show. Not much was given as a reason behind the cancellation and hopefully, the fun returns next year.

While the mall won't be holding festivities this year, things are finally getting back to full speed with the annual 4th at the Fort celebration at Fort Missoula. With no event in 2020, and an altered event last year, things are back to normal this year with live music, food trucks, beer, vendors, and more.

Things to keep in mind with fireworks

Not having the fireworks show at the mall might have more people thinking about doing more when it comes to their own entertainment. Here are some reminders from the city of Missoula when it comes to the 4th of July.

-Fireworks are prohibited in the city and on city open space lands
-Fireworks are prohibited on all state and federal public lands
-Fireworks are prohibited within Missoula county parks and county-managed recreation areas
-Sparklers are allowed (info HERE)
-Small novelty fireworks are allowed (info HERE)

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Violators of the fireworks ordinance can be fined $100 plus court costs for the first offense and $300 plus court costs for the second offense in the same calendar year.

Have fun but use extreme caution with any of your 4th of July celebrations. Did you know that 8 out of 10 wildfires in Montana are human-caused? If you feel others are being negligent, you can report violations to 406.258.4850.

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