Who among us has not woken up in the middle of the night, stumbled around for a while, made their way to the freezer, and opened up some ice cream for a late night snack? I'm just saying, this is a pretty relatable story.

A Bear Broke Into a Local Missoula Ice Cream Truck

According to the Missoulian, there was a bear break-in at Miss Zoola's Frozen Treats last week. And here's the twist... this is actually the SECOND time this has happened. Think Miss Zoola has been developing a honey-flavored ice cream that the bears can sense?

Here's the even crazier part - after the first bear break-in, owner Araya Decker had a metal shed built to keep the ice cream inventory safe... and this bear just plowed right through it! She posted some photos of the destroyed shed door on Miss Zoola's Facebook page.

When all was said and done, the bear managed to eat about $140 worth of ice cream before it left, presumably to find somewhere take a long nap and insist that its diet starts tomorrow.

After now dealing with two separate bear break-ins, Decker plans to spend her own money on an electric fence so it doesn't happen again. But as anyone who's seen Jurassic Park knows, electric fences aren't always foolproof.

Am I suggesting that the bears could find a way to shut off the power and burst through the fence just to get another taste of delicious ice cream? When it comes to the power of snacking, we must never underestimate them!

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