It hasn't stopped snowing all day, you'll likely be brushing off your vehicle and doing some shoveling if you've been parked at work all day. The Weather Alert Day for Missoula and the Bitterroot will continue through tomorrow (Tuesday) at noon.

Roads are snow covered icy from the single digit and negative temps last week and today's additional snowfall. One person died in a crash south of Missoula today on Hwy 93 near the s-curves, according to the Highway Patrol incident website. The crash happened around noon at mile marker 87. Those were all of the details shared, our hearts go out to all involved.

The Sheriff's Office is warning drivers of hazardous conditions throughout Missoula, they are advising using extreme caution if you must go out. This light to moderate snow that you've seen all day will continue, with today's high and overnight low the same temp at 22 degrees. Expect highs to get up into the 30s tomorrow with more snow.

And remember, Missoula municipal code 12.16.030 requires residents to clear sidewalks of snow and ice by 9 a.m. If property owners do not clear their sidewalks, the city may have the sidewalks cleared at the property owners' expense. Over the weekend, City reported an increased number of complaints of snowy walkways around Missoula.

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