Okay if you haven't stopped by our Griz tailgate this season then you're missing out on one of the best pregame parties in Missoula! This week is gonna be no different, and we're adding to the fun by having our Chicks N Chaps friends join the party.

We're still gonna be shotgunning for a cause and taking donations for the Wildland Firefighter Foundation, and in addition we're gonna try and raise a little money and awareness for Chicks N Chaps. Here's a little bit about what the organization is all about:

Chicks n Chaps is passionate about bringing community members together to raise money for local individuals and families impacted by cancer, while promoting the sport of rodeo and having a good time!

So feel free to come on by (with a few extra dollars in your pocket) and join in on the fun at our tailgate this weekend. Like always, we're gonna be on the grass section across from the gym and stadium and next to the stage! Just keep an eye out for our #AdventureVan!

To learn more about Chicks N Chaps and how you can donate and get involved, check out chicksnchaps.org or click HERE!

Chicks N Chaps

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