Those of us watching in the stadium and on TV knew it looked horrific and that a football career was likely over.

Listening to this first-class young man tell it in his own words makes it sound like it was even worse than it looked, and that is saying something.

Here, in his own words, is what senior starting quarterback Reese Phillips had to say about the injury he sustained in Saturday afternoon's game, less than 72 hours after surgery:

"First off, I'd like to thank all my teammates, coaches and the fans of Griz Nation who have reached out to me and treated me like family during this time. So you can hear it from me, I shattered my fibula, ruptured just about all the ligaments in my foot and dislocated my left foot all in one play. Pretty impressive, right?“Being the QB for this team is truly the honor of a lifetime and simply a dream come true. Although I won't be on the field playing, I'll be at every game doing everything in my power to help my team continue to reach our goals. I look forward to communicating more with Griz Nation in the near future. Until then let's pack WGS this Saturday and get after the Eagles! Go Griz!"- Reese Phillips
This is such a class kid who worked so hard and sacrificed so much after transferring from the University of Kentucky to get this opportunity in his senior year. To see it end just over two games into the season is sad. But to listen to him talk about moving forward is pretty inspiring. He is polite, sincere, well-spoken and believes in his team. Here's to ya, Reese, and GO GRIZ!


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