The Missoula Fire Department was called out around 1:30 Friday morning to reports of a fire at a home in the 1700 block of Grant Street. Fire Inspector Charles Talbot explains, what crews found when they arrived.

"It was a one bedroom detached apartment and there was smoke damage throughout the thing," Talbot said. "When it comes to structural damage, there was maybe $25,000 worth of damage. The occupants came home and discovered that there was a fire at the house. No one was inside at the time. A couple animals were inside and all of those were able to get out safely."

Talbot says the residents had tried to combat the fire before three engines and a truck company arrived on scene.

"When they arrived, the house was full of smoke, the residence had partially extinguished the fire and they went in and completed the extinguishment," Talbot said. "We are still in the process of investigating it. We have a couple leads that we still need to follow up on and there are some people we need to talk to, but right now we are classifying it as undetermined."

Despite the damage, Talbot believes the structure is salvageable.

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