For a number of years, one of the most popular breweries in the US could not get their beers distributed to Montana. That would be Dogfish Head Brewery, located in Delaware, who finally made their return to the state in late 2019. As someone who was a big fan of Dogfish Head (and especially their 90-Minute IPA) from back when I lived on the east coast, I was definitely excited to see these favorite beers pop back up in Missoula.

Who could have predicted that Dogfish Head would acquire an even stronger Missoula connection as time went on?

A Missoula Artist Is Designing Labels For 4 Different Dogfish Head Beers

Every year, Dogfish Head selects an artist that they think is interesting for their Off-Centered Art Series, and that artist designs new labels for a few of the brewery's specialty beers. This year, that artist is Max Mahns, an artist from Missoula and graduate from the University of Montana. He's known for the work around town that he's done for Logjam Presents, the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, and the Montana Book Festival, as well as numerous posters for touring artists all across the country. The Missoulian has more info about Max and how he ended up with the Dogfish Head gig.

The first beer to bear Max's artwork is an IPA called "Where The Wild Hops Are," and the rest of his work will be released throughout the year. You can find out more about Max and Dogfish's program at their website.

Have you seen any of this new beer with Max's artwork on it around town yet?

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