Kids run away from home for a variety of reasons, and sometimes, they find themselves far from home in terrible situations without a way to get back. That's where Greyhound comes in. I had never heard of this before but Greyhound gives runaway kids a free ticket to get home.

It's part of their Home Free Program, and Greyhound says they give away around 400 tickets per year to runaways between the ages of 12 and 21 who need to get home. The bus line works with the National Runaway Safeline to return youth back to their parents and legal guardians. The National Runaway Safeline is a government program that is kind of base communications for runaway and homeless youth, their parents and families, and teens in crisis. It is confidential, anonymous, non-judgmental, non-directive, and free.

To be eligible for a free Greyhound ticket home, the youth needs to call the helpline, be between 12 and 21 years old, be reported as a runaway, and be willing to be reunited with their family. Greyhound will even provide a free ticket for the parent or legal guardian if the young person is under the age of 15. To find out more about the runaway safety hotline, here's their website, and their number is 1-800-786-2929 (1-800-RUNAWAY.)

Missoula's Greyhound station is at 1660 West Broadway, across from that McDonald's down there, it's been there forever. I took a bus out of there once and always remember watching people getting hot coffee out of a vending machine, because it was weird. Dave and I also took a Greyhound all the way from Spokane to Great Falls once, and I say "all the way" because with that many stops, it felt like the trip took a month. I feel like everyone should try the Greyhound at least once though, it's crazy affordable and it's a full on adventure. Get more info on our local bus station here.

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