Anything is possible in a David Lynch production, even the dead rising from the grave. A new article speculates on the admittedly unlikely possibility that David Bowie will appear in an upcoming episode of Showtime's Twin Peaks: The Return, a sequel to Lynch's cult television series.

Bowie had a small part in 1992's prequel movie, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, as FBI agent Philip Jeffries. Despite the brevity of his time on-screen, Mashable notes that Jeffries has been mentioned on two of the four episodes of the new series that have aired to date, with intimations that the character could still be alive.

(Warning: from here on out, we’ll be talking about SPOILERS, so proceed with caution.)

In one scene towards the end of the second episode, Bob Cooper believes he's talking to Jeffries, although his voice is distinctly different from the Southern accent Bowie used in Fire Walk With Me. In another scene, in Episode 4, Cooper tells Gordon Cole (Lynch) that he's been working with Jeffries, and, shortly thereafter, Albert (Miguel Ferrer) tells Cooper that he, too, has been in contact with Jeffries.

The article notes that Lynch filmed the series between September 2015 and April 2016, putting Bowie's January 2016 death in the middle of that timeframe. Actor Harry Goaz, who plays Deputy Andy Brennan, revealed last year that Bowie had been scheduled to spend a day on the set, but canceled for an unknown reason. The author suggests that it's possible that Bowie was too busy completing Blackstar and returned at another time to film his part. However, he does begin his piece by saying, "Maybe this is harmless wishful thinking, and more likely it's utter hogwash."

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