I feel like it's something that everybody has done at some point in their life.....watch The Price is Right and picture yourself on the show. You already have it mapped out - what your "freak out" reaction would be when they call your name, how fast or slow you would make your way down to the front, what clever message you would have displayed on your shirt, what you would say if you actually made it up on stage with the winning price guess on the featured item, etc.

It might be time to make the dream a reality - just without the rest of the country watching you on television - as the live version of the long-running TV show will make a stop at the Adams Center in November. It's your chance to spin the big wheel, win both showcases, and have a story to tell for the rest of your life! **You can get tix now - more on that below**

Are you more of a Plinko fan.....or is Clifhangers more your style? The Price is Right Live will give contestants the chance to win cash, appliances, and vacations by playing some of the games you already know and love. Oh, and somebody could walk away with a new car - it is The Price Is Right after all!

Here's how the Griz Tix website describes the show:

"Playing to near sold-out audiences for more than 14 years, the Price Is Right Live™ has entertained millions of guests and given away more than 12million dollars in cash and prizes. If you're a fan of The Price Is Right™ on TV, you'll no doubt love this exciting, live (non-televised), on-stage version of the show!"

The Price Is Right Live will be at the Adams Center on November 19 with tickets going on sale to the public at 10 AM on Friday (6/18.) You can get tickets HERE or by calling the box office at (406) 243-4051 or Toll-Free 888-MONTANA.

You can get tickets NOW if you use the promo code PLINKO!

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