It's been nearly nine years since we have been able to declare that the new album from the Offspring was released this morning. They released 'Days Go By' in 2009, so this is certainly the longest we've ever had to wait for an Offspring album. Their 10th studio album 'Let The Bad Times Roll' is out and we're celebrating with Skratch n' Sniff this weekend. That's our Saturday night mix show from 10 to midnight, if you're not familiar.

Bassist Greg K. had been with the band for their entire career, but was replaced in 2018 by Todd Morse. The legendary Bob Rock produced the new album, which is the Offspring's first on their new label, Concord Records. They had been with Columbia forever but they split and there were a bunch of legal issues that's why it took so long ot release this record. In fact, Dexter Holland says they started writing it in 2013 and recorded and re-recorded it several times before it was ready to release in 2020. And you know what happened in 2020, so here we are, finally, on this very day, with new Offspring songs, at last.

This Saturday's (April 17) Skratch n' Sniff show will be guest hosted by Dexer and Noodles, which we're beyond thrilled about, and they're calling their two hours the "Mucho Mega Mix." You'll hear all of your favorites and some of the new stuff all mixed together starting at 10 p.m. Hear it wherever you may be with the Alt 101.5 app!

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