The Missoula Softball Association sign up and registration is now open through May 10th, and they've added a "Just for Funzies" non-competitive league. I love playing softball and joined two different teams a couple of years back. Actually, I think I was only fill in for one team, but anyway, I effed up my back and have had to sit out the last couple of years. But when I played it was so different from 90's Missoula softball. Not to be the crotchety old Missoulian, but back in my day you could swear and drink all you wanted. I don't drink anymore but I definitely had to implement my "radio filter" on the field when I played most recently.

This Just for Funzies league sounds super fun! It's non-competitive so it would be perfect to fulfill a team building obligation for work, or, if you actually like your co-workers like I do, would just be a fun and perfect way to get your ass outdoors each week. Registration is $325 for a team of 12 (that's about $27 each) and 7 games will be played on Tuesday nights at 6 at Fort Missoula. Have you played ball out there yet? They've really done a wonderful job with the set up out there.

As for the rest of you who play every year, your team captain has until May 10th to get payments and paperwork in to the MSA. And if you just wanna watch some ball, the Missoula PaddleHeads will finally get to play a full season with 50% capacity for fans, their season opener is May 22.

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